About Ann Adamson & HousePlans.Info

I’m Ann and as everyone who know me will tell you… I am obsessed by all things related to house plans, home design, and home building / remodeling.

Having spent too many years writing, reviewing and editing on subjects related to the house and home for more “traditional” media, I decided to join the blogosphere with this site. I will post entries on a variety of different topics but my focus will be on home architecture, house plans, home design — and making those dreams into reality. Expect to see posts discussing the latest home trends — as well as my observations and opinions on them!

If you think something should be discussed here, or you have any questions about home design that I may be able to answer (or find the answer to) let me know.

Quick Bio:
Ann Adamson has over 30 years of experience as a writer, reviewer and editor. Over her career, she has devoted countless hours on such subjects as residential architecture, house plans, home design, interior decorating, home construction and home remodeling. In her spare time, she enjoys gardening and genealogy-related research.

Ann is also an adviser to The Plan Collection. The Plan Collection was started in 1999 to provide prospective home owners with information on and access to well-designed house plans from leading architects and house designers at affordable prices.

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